Monday, August 14, 2017


That time I was a single mother of three kids, and had to take out an actual loan to buy a VIP all access pass to see the Van Halen/Sammy Hagar Reunion Tour in 2004. I paid $450 for this pass. It was an eight hour drive from my actual hometown, and my mom refused to let me drive alone in my own car to see the show. In Mom's mind, I had bought some sort of backstage pass that included Lord only knows what! Nobody I knew would pay that price to see the show with me; and what else was I supposed to do once I realized it existed? No other ticket would have been good enough! EVER!! Any-hoo, I was at work the morning they went on sale. The city was chosen for the difference in price, by the way. My boss made sure I was able to get to a computer a few minutes before they went on sale. I bought the pass and just couldn't believe I was the owner of such a thing. Hell, I couldn't even believe such a thing even existed,period!
My mom threw some gas money and fun money at her friend to drive us so she'd have someone to hang out with when she dropped me off at the show...I mean, when she walked me inside the building and asked the people in charge if this was a real thing and what would be going on exactly. She didn't stop there; she asked me to show the rest of the fans waiting my Van Halen tattoo (even though she hated tattoos, I was suddenly cool), and then proceeded to ask them to please watch her daughter.
It was about half way through the party when the group of fans who had adopted me asked me how old I was. I started speaking of my three kids and they seemed shocked when I told them I was a thirty year old grown woman. Evidently, they thought I was in my TEENS when my mommy dropped me off and asked everyone to babysit me! I doubt very seriously that I could pull that off at forty-three years old now.
The show was great for me. Everyone was tickled and laughed when I was choked up at the sound-check because it was my "first all access pass" and these people traveled around doing this type of thing! What a life they must live! My heart hurt the most when Sammy and Michael seemed to be randomly signing things for people who had a Sharpie readily available. :(
This is coming from the girl who threw away her "throw away camera"- no pun intended, because she was terrified that if she was seen with it, she'd be thrown out of the show altogether! I was not one of the people with a Sharpie, so I lost out. I'm still thankful to that lady who sent me my photos (that I altered a little for this post since I printed them and from email back then!) or I wouldn't have them to look back on and share today. This was years before Facebook and the Social Media craze. Now, I finally have tickets to see Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony again soon. If the world only knew what the ridiculous amount of effort I've put in to buying the tickets...the right tickets, that is. I have two sets this time, and I didn't even have to take out a loan to get them.
Enjoy, Barrelassers. ;)

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