Monday, October 5, 2015


For my whole life I've been in love with Kenny Rogers, Well, him and Eddie Van Halen.
Kind of the same, right? Anyhoo- the only reason I'm not a bad-ass guitar
player today, like Eddie Van Halen, is because the guitar teacher wouldn't teach me to play
Lucille, by Kenny Rogers, after two lessons. I quit! Right then and there!!
I went on to sing the song over and over from the slide of
my swing set for anyone wondering. I'm totally famous for it.

Lane Brody- Nashville, TN. Yellow Rose?...I think so.

The Kentucky Heaadhunters could not have found more heads to hunt
than half of our group trying to sit on their lap that day.

This photo would not need words if it were not for the fact that
I stood there with my little Barrelassin' Hannah Banana just to get a glimpse-
when a very nice lady gave Hannah her ticket to get in the actual line to have a photo made.

Jack Ingram <3 <3. I made him sign my photo...
"Love you, Mickey!" Because he probably does anyway...right?

Barrelassin' Momma with Mel Tillis. She just told him who my
father was (whom I had not yet met) and standing from the Jack Ingram booth, I took the picture.
She was pretending to not have said anything haha. 

Filming a promo with Taylor Swift and her band on
the steps of the Ryman .
Super nice of them to throw water to us. It was very hot!!
That man said Taylor asked  them to come out and give us the water :)

My lawd! Hank lll. Me and the hubby are fans of
his. Met him earlier than this and he called
Barrelassin' Momma for us to say hi :)

Barrelassin' Momma had met his daddy, Hank Williams JR. when
he was about 14 yrs old. <3 him!

Conway Twitty's son and daughter with
Barrelassin' Momma and Hannah Banana! Love Conway!

So happy to have this picture of Randy Travis! He is so timeless!

Barrelassin' Noah and the Naked Cowboy.
Nashville is too much fun!!

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