Sunday, February 2, 2014


 Keeping it real, I'd like to say, that I do not watch Football. I do not follow Football at all. Unless, of course, my kid is playing for the team, and even then, I have no clue what in the hell is going on-at any time during the game. And my kid now plays Basketball, so that really leaves me out of the loop.

Real life conversation in my house during the Super Bowl XLVIII:
Me: "So, we live in Tennessee, so I'm gonna pull for the Broncos because of Peyton Manning. That is the only way I can pick a team to pull for."
Barrelassin' Jay: "Sounds good."

Me: I know absolutely nothing about this game, Jay. But I know that Peyton Manning is a big deal. What position does he play?

Barrelassin' "Jay: He's the QB."

Me: "Well, I know everyone loves the QB! That's an important guy! But tell me this...I've actually paid some attention to this game, and I'm wondering, is Peyton's only job to throw the ball at someone else and see what they do with it? Like, he gets the ball, waits until he's almost attacked, and picks a guy to throw it to, and then what? He just stands around to see if he made the right decision?

Barrelassin' Jay: "Sort of, but not exactly. The QB usually calls the plays. He has a lot on him."

Me: "So...he guesses who to throw the ball to, in this case, the guy who can't catch at all, and then he stands there and waits to see what happens, and the play was all his idea to begin with, and none of the ideas worked, yet, he's the only one on the whole entire team I've ever heard of? Why does everyone want to be the QB, and why does he get to make all the commercials, and make all the money, if that's all he does?" 

Barrelassin' Jay: "It takes a lot of skill to throw that football, and not everyone can do it."

Me: "What about the guys who catch the ball, and make the touchdowns?! This is the dumbest game, EVER!" 

Enjoy, Barrelassers :)

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