Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The next time someone tells you, "ain't nobody got time for dat!" call bullshit. I have been up since 7:15 a.m.- I have filled my belly, had a very lengthy telephone conversation with my Barerlassin' bestie, I have greeted a man with a truckload of gravel for my driveway and watched him unload it, I have had several other shorter phone conversations...

I have taken photos of the gravel and shared them. I have loaded the dishwasher. I have read the same, HILARIOUS story twice just for the laugh, and now this...somehow I found the time to sign into my email account with the sole purpose of sending my husband an attachment he wanted me to send him, saw an article on my homepage about Jennifer Aniston cutting her hair and felt the need to see it. Not only did I click on the link- I sat through a thirty second ad and waited for a video of  a woman explaining all of Jennifer's hair phases through the years before revealing to me that I would have to go to another website to see the photo of the new cut! I was so pissed! I sat through all of that for her to send me on a wild goose chase just see Jennifer Aniston's new haircut! What kind of fool does this lady think I am?

Well, I'll tell ya what kind of fool I am- I actually took the time to type in another web address in order to take a look. I searched the site until I found it, too! Imagine my surprise when I didn't really see a big difference. I mean, yeah, it's shorter- but it's not really a look I haven't seen on her before. For all I know it could have been an old picture. Maybe it was old- I would have to find out. There's only one way to do that, and that's to Google Jennifer Aniston's new hair cut. So I did. I see tons of pictures, all looking basically the same as one time or another. Don't get me wrong, I like the haircut. I think it's cute. It's one that I have been considering myself, but don't know how well equipped I am for drastic change. Maybe we'll see.

Basically what I've learned about time management today is that you can find the time to get important things done if you really want to. Like going to great lengths to seek out Jennifer Aniston's hair and taking time to blog about it. All you have to do is keep Bethenny Frankel on pause for two hours and THEN realize you still haven't made it around to sending your husband that attachment! Oh crap! I got way off track! I gotta go!

Enjoy, Barrelassers :)
P.S. Sorry- I don't have time to upload a pic of the new hair, you'll have to find time for that yourselves!

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