Sunday, October 6, 2013


Guess what day it is? Hump Daaaay! No really, it was my Barrelassin' hubby's birthday and we were keepin' it real! No big time shit...except some pretty big, actual shit if you looked in the right/wrong direction. He doesn't really like going over the top and I'm always trying to make shit spectacular. Like I'm the freaking party police that the event organizational committee hires to make sure it's a party or great event.

Today, I kept it simple so he would actually have all the fun. But I ended up having just as much fun. He loves animals and all things of nature so while I was searching for things to do that didn't involve a surprise party or one hundred or more people, I came across a deal on Groupon. It was by chance that I found a deal for a Safari type petting zoo that we could drive through and feed the animals from our car. I've seen such videos on YouTube, but we've never been to one.

So...not only did I find the deal on Groupon, but I also happen to participate in Swagbucks. So I used my buy a Groupon gift code, and then bought the deal form Groupon. Got it? Are you keeping up? Then I was able to use my Groupon code at the Circle G Ranch in Strawberry Planis, Tn. to get the two of us in with only buying three buckets of food for the price of $10.00. That was the funniest $10.00 we've spent in years! Zebras, Cows, Water Buffalo, Ostrich, Emus, Goats, Deer, Pigs and all sorts of animals food raped my car!.

We also rode a Camel and pet some animals at the petting zoo at the end of the loop. We had a simple blast. The least amount of money that I've ever spent on a birthday celebration and had more fun that if I had spent hundreds of dollars. We joined my Barrelassin' sister and her Barrelassin' husband for some dinner (wings) and headed home, where my husband tried to eat a small cake he had purchased for himself on the way home. He apparently thought he would make it through the day without birthday cake :( I may have gone cheap this year, but I'm no fool. He got his little cake out of the grocery bag and explained to me and our teenage kids that he should at least eat a piece of cake today- when they retrieved a larger cake from the refrigerator and suggested that he try a piece of the one they had baked themselves for him while he was out having all the fun today :) He really was surprised, and didn't cost a fortune.

It has been a wonderful day- happy birthdy- I love you, Barrelassin' Jay!
Enjoy, Barrelassers :)

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