Thursday, October 31, 2013


This has to be one of my most favorite Halloween costumes from my childhood! Yep- me and some of my Barrelassin' cousins were Giant Kooky Spooks. I don't know what  a Kooky Spook is- but it was fantastic!. I can still remember the smell of the face paint and the blow up head. I know I wasn't more than five years old and it's still the costume that stands out in my mind the most.

My little Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Princess! This is one of my favorite Halloween costumes that my kids wore. They would've never settled for a blowup  head! They're almost grown now and it's all about hanging out with friends. I noticed I didn't get invited to hang out or cruise town with any of them tonight. This is proof that they once loved their mother ;)

This is my silly Pimp. My kids have a mind of their own. Let's just say I should be thankful that he's far too busy with his homies to be reading this right now. 
Yes- my Barrelassin' son went as White Trash for Halloween one year. If you tell me you want to be "white trash" for Halloween- I will buy you a trash can and pile trash around you. I'm a good mommy.
My very own Halloween Asian girl. I'm so glad we got a good picture before her eyelashes fell off and her chopsticks stopped cooperating in her hair. She would never do this now,so this is how I get even. ;)

Who says Unicorns aren't real? I've always know that my Barrelassin' hubby was magical. 
This was a fun Halloween at my mom's house. She is not only a Good Witch- she's a great Witch! My Barrelassin' sister is the cutie next to me, the Cowgirl. As far as the two fingers photo bombing the photo, I can't give them credit, because I don't know who they are- but they're rockin' it!

Trick or Treat, Barrelassers- be safe, enjoy :)

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