Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I have read more "How To" articles over the last week and my brain has basically turned to mush. "How do I get more traffic to my blog?" "How to advertise on your blog." "How do I start a blog?" "How to make money by blogging." "How to write a pitch letter to potential advertisers."

How to BLAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I can barely stand it. How about I turn my head inside out and freaking explode?! Everyone claims to have all the answers, and everyone has different answers. I, personally, still don't have any answers except that I understand less than I did when I chose to do all this reading. "What's your niche?" they say, "find your target audience, who is your target audience?" My niche is that I like to freaking talk! I am constantly thinking, and whether or not anyone is actually reading what I have to say, I like to feel like I've just shared what I was thinking with someone other than myself. So just as soon as I'm done talking to myself, I grab the laptop and type it out and send it out into the Universe.

As far as I can gather, in order to be a blogger, or advertise on your blog, you will need a team of specialists to keep up with your blog for you. Nobody actually says that, but who in the hell can blog while taking care of all these details? Want traffic to your blog? Join fifty more blogs, keep up with them, read them, follow them, comment on them, and maybe someone will be nice enough to follow back or tell someone else about your blog. How will I ever have the time to blog if I am reading everyone else's blog?

I do read a couple of blogs, but they are not mercy readings. I am not there to market my blog, I am there because something at some point sucked me in. How many networks am I supposed to join to market myself? I can't even keep up. Maybe, unbeknownst to me, nobody really wants to hear my every thought. Now there's a wake-up call! Maybe I should've just kept a journal :/  Maybe my really will explode and someone will blog about it and it will make for better "content" for them. Maybe if I just use the title, "How to get traffic to your blog" I will triple my traffic for one post. Shaking my damn head.

Enjoy, Barrelassers :)

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