Friday, October 11, 2013


They say just before you die, you experience pain. Your head may hurt periodically- you may feel nauseated from something you ate the night before and you may experience some pain in your middle toe. In fact, you may have random aches and pains all over your body- your neck, your shoulders, your knees- just to name a few and you have the lyrics ," there's one in every crowd, that brings the party in us out- Good Time Charlie, with a Harley, whisky bent and hell bound..." stuck in your head. Oh wait, they don't say that- that's not it at all. That's what I feel like with very little sleep on  the day after me and my Barrelassin' Momma spend the evening in a crowded bar, dancing around and cheering along to a Montgomery Gentry concert!

I must have been confused for a moment. I'm suffering from, "I'm not a teenager anymore and I have to be on a football field in a dress this evening for my Barrelassin' son's Senior Night and Homecoming at the high school- and I should'nt stay out until 3 a.m." syndrome. I probably could've skipped the cowboy boots, but then it just would've ruined the outfit. The fact is, there is one in every crowd- and it is usually me. But boy did we ever have fun!
Barrelassin' Mickey with Barrelassin' Momma!

Barrelassin' with Eddie Montgomery!

Barrelassin' with Brent Cobb!

We did stay out a little too late- we do know better, but we got to meet Eddie Montgomery, Brent Cobb and some really nice people on their staff. Thanks for the fun, but it's back to being Mommy and its time to go. I'm gone!
Enjoy, Barrelassers :)

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