Monday, September 2, 2013


I love living in this house! It’s a laugh a minute. So earlier, my daughter’s friend went into the bathroom and the knob wouldn't let her out for some reason and she was stuck. My son, Timmy was trying to rescue her by turning on the knob and pushing on the door- it made a small crack in the center when he continued to push on it. He said he was going to wait until my husband, Jay, noticed it before he told him.
She got stuck again, then I got stuck, then I forgot about it.
Jay just went to the bathroom and on the way in he yelled, “Who broke the bathroom door?” Timmy said, “I did.” I was like, “you sure owned up to that awful fast.” Timmy says, “That’s okay, he can’t do anything, now he’s stuck in the bathroom.” Me and my other son,  Noah, could not stop laughing.
Jay was knocking on the door saying it wasn't funny, and we were on the other side with the credit card asking, “Are you gonna say anything about the door when you get out?” Timmy then said, “I could get you out but I’m afraid I might crack the door.” Needless to say, Jay got stuck, now the door is being fixed. These people are too funny. 

Enjoy, Barrelassers :)

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