Sunday, September 29, 2013


Tomorrow I will accompany my middle son to have his senior pictures taken. First of all, he doesn't understand why I would want to be there and tried using the logic that he learned from me without even knowing it, that he's seventeen years old, he can do this on his own. I just used that one on him two nights ago when I asked him to get me a password that I needed from his school to view his grades online when he informed me that it would just be easier for me to call the school and ask for it myself- "But you're seventeen years old and there five days a week for hours at a time, why can't you ask for me?" I asked. That seems totally reasonable to me, but what the hell do I know?

This is my second time preparing for a child to graduate and thank GOD I had a two year break in between, because if the crying and roller coaster emotions aren't enough to keep you down, your bank account disappearing before your very own eyes for an entire year should definitely do the trick.

Why do I need to pay three-hundred dollars for a senior page that will in turn cost me another eighty dollars to look at? I own these damn pictures. I can see them anytime I want, so why do I feel the need to pay the extra money for everyone else to see them as well? Because they don't come over to look at my photo albums, I guess, and how else will they see how cute he has been from birth through now?

And tell me again why every time a photographer takes my child's picture, Walmart won't let me make copies without a release form from the photographer. He's my child! They should have to sign a release form to take his picture and get charged for it, too!

Enjoy, Barrelassers :)

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