Thursday, July 11, 2013


So my 19 yr. old son just broke it all down for me...

When his friend offered his condolences to him over the break-up with his girlfriend a couple of months ago, and told him there's a billion  other girls out there, my son came to this conclusion:

Out of a billion  girls, she would have to be "hot." That right there knocks it down to millions of girls.
Out of millions of girls, he'd have to know she wasn't a complete skank. That narrows his options down to hundreds of thousands of girls.

By the time he subtracts the ones that are psychotic in the head, his search field is narrowed considerably to thousands of girls.

He then has to assume that the ones that would be content, happy, or just simply willing to be with him would narrow it down to hundreds of girls.

He then declared this leaves him on a search for one girl out of hundreds spread out across the entire world, and he doesn't think she's here in hometown, Tennessee.

When I asked him where he thinks she might be, he explained he would like to start the search in Narnia, so he will need me to clean his closet.
My response: "The bitch better be magical!"

Enjoy Barrelassers :)

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