Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Actual conversation 1990-ish.
Me (16 yrs old) : "Mom, I want to get my boyfriend Motley Crue, Dr. Feelgood tour tickets for his 16th birthday!"
Mom(48 yrs old) : "Okay! Great, but I wanna go, too. I'll drive you guys!"
Me: "Huh? I really don't think you'll like Motley Crue, mom."
Mom: "I like some of their stuff, me and your boyfriend's aunt will get tickets too and go with you guys."
Me : "Sure, I guess."

Flash forward twenty three years to 2013.

Me (now 39) : "Hey, Mom! Motley Crue is gonna be not very far away from here. I'd love to see them again. Wanna take a road trip, me and you, and go see the Crue?"
Mom (now 71) : "No thank you. I saw quite enough of Motley Crue and that Tommy Lee's ass hovering over my head half the night in nothing but a thong playing those drums!"

Me: "Oh yeah? I thought you liked them?"
Mom: "I don't know what the hell they even sing, or half the people you've drug me to see, but saying "I like them too" is a darn good way to watch my baby girl in those mobs of crazy ass people."
Me: "So I guess I might go then."
Mom:" When and where will they be? How long do I have to get ready?"
Me: "Lol, it's okay, we'll catch them next time, Momma." ;)

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