Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme, that's right, on time, it's tricky. I can't imagine how Run DMC was even able to come up with that. I'd say it was tricky for that line alone. It's even trickier when you're an eleven year old kid in your room, trying desperately to rock a rhyme with Run DMC, all you want is your Adidas, cause you be illin', and you're so proud to be black y'all...but wait, you're a skinny little, seriously Casper like, white girl.

 I used to ride around with my older cousin, blasting Proud to be black y'all, and that's a fact y'all, over and over on some days, and we must have looked ridiculous!! Ridiculous because, sometimes we would sit in the driveway, of a predominantly black neighborhood, and blast these songs like we were the toughest bitches in all the land, but in reality, I was eleven, weighed about sixty-five pounds if that, I mean, I fractured my elbow from doing a regular cartwheel because my arm wasn't strong enough to hold up my own body weight, which tells you how small my arm was. I hardly think I was tough enough to even wear Adidas, let alone display to the world my pride for being black, all while rocking a rhyme let's not forget.

 I guess what Run DMC says is probably true, "Tinted windows don't mean nothing ; they know who's inside." However, nobody ever said anything, they just let us sit over there and rock our rhymes like we were pros. That goes to show, it doesn't really matter what the lyrics are or the color of your skin, as long as the cool jams move you inside :) I still love Run DMC! When I went to see Kid Rock a few years ago, I was more excited to see Rev Run than anyone in the whole building, and trust me, I was illin'!

It's Tricky Barrelassers, but enjoy :)

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