Thursday, March 7, 2013


I attended a "decaades" themed birthday party lastnight with my Barrelassin family. My beautiful Barrelassin daughter went as Sandy, from Grease. As for myself, slipping right back into the eighties took less time than it does to make toast. The only thing I had to purchase to make this happen was a can of Aquanet, and that weird, frosty colored lipstick. The jacket...still in my closet. The Van Halen shirt...still in my drawer, I wear it around the house all the time. The pants are from this year, look like they're not, but are now called skinny jeans. The high top Nikes with the pink swoosh, are only a couple of years old. I never really wear them, but I loved them when I saw them. (memories) The hair was like riding a bike. It came back to me in seconds lol.
Enjoy Barrelassers:)

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