Friday, November 2, 2012


Up all night, sleep all day! This was a great song by Slaughter. It was basically our theme music as teenagers. It mostly reminds me of the time me and my barrelassin' cousin partied with our barrelassin' friend all night and had to work early the next morning. We got home just in time to change clothes and rush to work. We ran into the room, clothes flying in every direction. Dabbing makeup and brushing hair.

 I quickly realize I don't have clean work pants, so I grab the ones from the day before and put them on and off we went. That must have been the longest work day ever. So at the end of our shift, we're riding home with my barrelassin' mother, who worked with us as well. At the same time we were giving another co-worker a ride home. He was sitting in the front seat while me and my cousin sat in the back.

 She and I kept trying not to laugh at something, I have no idea what, but mom stopped at the gas station, and as I sat in the car looking at my feet, I had to focus really hard to figure out what I was looking at. I lean closer only to realize that my underwear from the day before were still in the leg of my work pants and hanging out the bottom resting on my shoe. I got my cousin's attention and showed her and from that moment, we could not control our laughter.

 Mom thought we were idiots, but we told her after he got out of the car. She thought it was funny. Later at a party with that same passenger he said he thought we were stoned and had the giggles. We let him continue thinking that. So next time you party all night before work, check your pants. There's no way to know if my drawers had been on my shoe all day at work, but it was funny as hell so I gladly accept it.
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

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