Monday, November 5, 2012


So we finally did it. I couldn't take it any longer. We broke out the never before opened Bon Jovi New Jersey album from 1989, and with some PBR and Lime-a Rita, we played it many times! Been jamming to it all night. It's still great. Just as my Barrelassin' kid told me "this doesn't even make sense" that we could put a needle on this piece of vinyl and make it play music, it dawned on me how my ...
kids would never have to remove the fuzz from a needle, like I just had to do, to make a record not skip. At most, they will wipe spit on a cd to clean it or charge their Ipods to hear the music. God forbid they ever have to hit the "record" button on a tape player or stereo to record a song from the radio station, and on top of that, time it just perfect so the Deejay isn't talking through the beginning of the song! Ahhhh, good times!
Enjoy Barrelassers:)

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