Friday, October 19, 2012


Today's mood..Heart's Greatest Hits

I'd really like to travel back in time, but to do so I'd need at least one pair of totally awesome Parachute pants and I'm not feeling up to the challenge of locating any, so....time travel, another day. The husband, Papa Jay, swears that if he could just get one highschool student to wear Parachute pants to school just one time, they'd catch on like wildfire all over again! Ahhh, memories. I'm still pulling for the MC Hammer pants to make a comeback. Just recently got to see MC Hammer perform, and it was AMAZEBALLS! (Thank you Giuliana Rancic for that word, I now speak what I call..Giuliana.)

So...Barrelassin' through life today, I cranked up the Heart CD. Am I the only one who stood in front of the television in 1985, watching Heart's music video for their awesome song.."Never" while kicking one leg over my head while playing my air guitar over and over? I shutter to think of what might happen to me if I tried that today :\

Upcoming memories soon to be and my Barrelassin' Mama are going to see Bret Michaels in 8 more days! More to come on that later
Until further notice, the song I want stuck in your head for the rest of the day is..I Didn't Wanna Need You, by Heart.
Enjoy Barrelassers

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