Sunday, October 21, 2012


"Love is alive and at our breakfast table everyday of the week. Love is alive and it grows everyday and night even in our sleep. Love is alive and it's made a happy woman outta me, oh love is alive...and here by me."
I'm totally kidding. All the love in my house is asleep except me. I just had Ramen noodles for breakfast (of all things, can you imagine?) by myself while reading a magazine.
That's a great song by The Judds, who I really like, but the only reason I'm singing that song is because I started out singing that song "Love don't live here...anynore" by another lady who's name is on the tip of my tongue, but I thought...well that's not true. So I had to counteract that song with a happy song about love living here. Crazy, right? I can already tell this is gonna be a hell of a morning for the radio in my head.
Until further notice(hopefully around lunch time) sing some Judds. Any song you like. Go all crazy with it!
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

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