Saturday, October 20, 2012


Way awesome for Eddie Van Halen! Guitar World Readers Poll voted Eddie Van Halen "Greatest Guitarist Of All Time." The last time I was able to blog, I know I said we'd cover some Bon Jovi, but I can't let the Greatest Guitarist of all time slip through the blogging cracks without giving him his day.

 If you consider the fact that Van Halen is my all time favorite band in the world, then it's a wonder this isn't strictly a Van Halen blog. I could never take a trip down my memory lane of music with only one Van Halen story or song. I could talk about the most recent Van Halen I had a Van Halen party and cake for my birthday back in January (2012) and all we played was Van Halen music (and drinking games) while I patiently awaited the day the tickets went on sale. Or how me and my cousin drove nearly four hours from home to spend the night and wait for the tickets to go on sale. How I ended up with second row, and nine of us went to Nashville, Tn. in April to see the show (all as my birthday present) including my seventy year old mother!

 I could talk about how when I was a kid in 1987 my mom had a Van Halen cake made for my birthday. It said "Van Halen..Heavy Metal Heroes." And how she took my Van Halen pin from my blue jean jacket (omg, the pins and patches that covered jean jackets in those days, haven't seen anyone sporting that lately) and also placed it on my cake.

 I could talk about how amazing it was when I bought the V.I.P package in 2004 (I think) to see them eight hours from home, and got to go the soundcheck and a party backstage(without the band) got some cool band swag...I could talk about Van Halen all day in fact, so the best thing to do right now is go back to saying how awesome for Eddie Van Halen on his latest poll win and wind this thing up.

 Since my current ringtone is "Jump" by Van Halen, that's the song you should be Barrelassin around with in your head today!
 Enjoy Barrelassers

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