Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bret Michaels and Poison. Open up and say AHHH

Bret Michaels and Poison Open up and say AHHH

Ok, so I've been Barrelassin' around the last few days listening to Poison. Getting myself all psyched up for the Bret Michaels show tomorrow night! Me and Barrelassin' Mama will be taking a little road trip. We're really excited. Now I'm in the library with "I won't forget you" playing over and over in my head! Me and Papa Jay bought the new 2 disc poison cd the other day, and the moment that song came on, I was like, " man, doesn't that make your heart just sink? Take you back to a day when someone ripped your heart out or didn't like you back, and you make you just wanna lay down and cry, but in a good way?" lol.
 He had a weird look on his face. He said' it's a good song, I'll give it that' and added that he never thought of anything like that. Truth is, he probably thought how sad it must have been to be me lol. I can't think of one single person I related that song to, but when it came out, even if you weren't sad, you got sad cause that was the point of the song. You were obligated to be sad! So I was thinking, when I was a youngin' and and following the rules for sad songs, Papa Jay, who is four years older than me, was mostly thinking of the guitar licks and whether he liked them or not. Probably thought if he learned how to play that song, he'd have all the girls
 Anyway, gotta Barrelass up to the school and get my baby girl from volleyball practice, so I will leave you with this song stuck in your head guessed it..I won't forget you, by Poison.
 Enjoy Barrelassers

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