Saturday, December 8, 2012


Wouldn't it be super cool to hear Loretta Lynn song all of her songs, and add bad words in all the appropriate places? She's a little spitfire! So don't come home a drinkin'( you bleepy bleep bleep) with bleepy bleep lovin' on your mind.
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Friday, December 7, 2012


It wasn't enough for us to not have enough room for our own belongings as a child, but we had to go and move in Barbie, her boyfriend, Ken, her sister, Skipper, along with all of their friends, and everything they owned. We may have had beans for dinner, but Barbie was living it up! She had several houses, cars, a swimming pool, and right thousand shoes with no mate! Shoot! She even had an RV in case she needed to get away from it all. The Townhouse, the Dream House, and all the clothes were too much for her I guess. Come on Barbie, let's go party! Funny song, but I really do think I should add Barbie to my friends list.
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I miss this song. Now I can't get it out of my head. This is not what I planned to listen while hanging Christmas  decorations, but I can do whatever I want.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Nice, me and my barrelassin' husband have to deejay a Frat party tonight. I own one long sleeved dress, and it's December. Would be fine, but that only gives me one option unless I wanna freeze my Spanx off. I own one pair of spanx, with two small tears, which in turn force everything held in, in that area, to pop out in those two spots. Like little lumps.

 One of the wire pieces on the right side is bent and popping outward instead of pulling in, so now they have created fat where there's not really any fat. I'll show them, I'll stand with my hand on my hip all night to cover it. I decided to leave the fake eyelashes and fingernails at home tonight. I based this on the fact that this is a frat party, after about an hour, none of these people will care at all what I look like, nor will they be able to even see me.

 Basically, I could've left all this at the house and wore jeans. Had I done that, I wouldn't have had to go through all the trouble of fake tanning my legs. It's not easy being a Barrelasser.
Enjoy, Barrelassers :)

Friday, November 30, 2012



I'm gonna hunt this movie down. I remember loving it. Fargin Iceholes. My mother grabbed me once, ONCE!


It's not Monday. It's freaking Friday. So why the heck have I had Manic Monday stuck in my head all morning? What kind of shit is that? Do I have a case of the Mondays?

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Let's start a conversation! So far, people just browse around here and leave. Let's give em' somethin' to talk about. (Get it?) Someone start this conversation while I'm at my Barrelassin' kid's Barrelassin' basketball game tonight. Leave comments and I can check back in the morning. Gonna be a long night :( The good thing about a blog is, you can talk and talk all you want, but I'm gonna need someone to talk back damnit! lol. You can see from my posts what I like to talk about, but feel free to bring up whatever the hell you like!
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This was really good. Can't stop Michael Jackson now. Might even Moonwalk on a minute. Question is:  I still hip enough or am I more likely to need a new hip after I try? I'll let ya know how this works out for me.
Enjoy Barrelassers :)


When I was just a youngin I saw Rambo at the theater. All I ever wanted to do after that was sew up my own arm. Of course now you'd have to actually put me to sleep to give me even one stitch. Remember when him sewing his arm was the coolest thing ever in a movie?
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012


The one thing me and my husband can always agree on is, MC Hammer. Just look, if you wanna make something go big, involve The Hammer. If you have something big, but wanna make it even bigger, get The Hammer. Call on The Hammer, and you will be rewarded! He wasn't kidding huh? All of our quality time conversations around here, somehow always come back to Hammer lol.Me and the husband are headed outside to spend the day hanging every Christmas light and decoration we have. We're bout to Turn this Mutha Out!
Enjoy Barrelassers:)

Saturday, November 24, 2012


As a child I remember Dallas being the show everyone waited for all week! Even as a little girl, I, too, loved this show, although I'm sure I didn't completely understand everything. Who shot J.R.? was one of the 80's biggest mysteries! Everyone had shirts that read, "I shot J.R." The new Dallas is a great show as well, and I'm sure they'll mark his absence in a classy way.
Enjoy Barrelassers:)

Friday, November 23, 2012


Seriously, a while back I stumbled upon a link for a Monsters of Rock Cruise. The more I read, the more I couldn't believe it. It seemed as if a dream come true was right in front of me. I nearly fell out of my chair, and almost never picked my chin up off the floor. The list goes on and on. All I could think when I read Stryper was on the list was of a time around 13 years old, when they were going to appear at a mall and sign autographs.I was so excited for anyone who could drive, to hurry home and take me there! Nobody got home in time, and I was so sad. I think I may still be sad about it lol. When I read about this cruise I called my husband, and told him this is all I want for Christmas, my birthday, Valentines Day, and any other day where I should get a gift. I don't see the stars lining up with the economy in my house, but that didn't stop me from asking my husband to keep the cruise a secret so other people wouldn't buy all the tickets lol. Like he knows soooo many people he could sell out an entire cruise lol, how many people do I think he knows? Either way,somebody should go and enjoy it! Honestly, Stryper, I still believe in you :)
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Turkey Day Barrelassers:) Be happy, be thankful, be kind. After all, we are the world!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Today in 1990, Milli Vanilli was stripped of their Grammy for not singing on their (or technically, someone else's) album. The album was Girl You Know It's True. I liked them even after I found out I didn't know who I liked lol. I still wanted the same two guys to dance around and pretend they were singing those songs. Oh well, gotta blame it on somethin' blame it on the rain I guess :(


Seriously, who's big idea was it anyway to make me feel incool until I scored a pair of these?


Hop on the bus Gus, make a new plan know the rest. This song makes me think of being on my aunt's bed and her teaching us all the words to the song cause we thought it was so cool. It is cool, but it was even cooler then. I wasn't even in school yet, I barely remember it. For some reason the song automatically makes me think of that silly thing we used to say to our friends as kids...I'm telling on you, why?  you kicked me off the bus and made me cuss. How about this? I'm telling on you. Why? You stole my dime. drank my wine, and turned me into Frankenstein. If I was Frankenstein, why would I tell on you? Why wouldn't I jsut kick your ass for stealing my wine?
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012


The OLD Karate Kid. (RALPH MACCHIO!)


Am I the only one, who as a child had an argument with an adult insisting that Chicago Twenty 1 was the name of a band instead of the name of a band's album? I'm just saying that it was very confusing for me. The dude on the radio always said that was a song from Chicago twenty 1, so naturally I thought that was the band's entire name. But, I also thought I was going to marry Michael Jackson one day, so what the hell did I know?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Jem! Jem is truly amazing..truly truly truly amazing. That's the song me and my barrelassin' cousins would practice a million times so we could call the special number, sing it to a recording over the phone in hopes that we would win the contest. I can't remember what to grand prize was, but we really wanted to win. We also thought we actually had a chance lol. We recorded it on a cassette tape as well. We were
ridiculous! I do have to say though, Jem, really was truly amazing, when Barbie & The Rockers looked like a bunch of kids from the totally awesome movie, "Valley Girl." Which only means one thing, I'll stop the world and melt for you.
Enjoy Barrelassers

Monday, November 12, 2012


I remember when all I ever wanted was to marry anyone in this picture lol


You dropped a bomb on me, baby, you dropped a bomb on me. I so remember standing in my grandmother's livingroom dancing to this song, circa 1982 I guess. That song still makes me wanna dance! I was very young, and I didn't understand it at all. At least now I understand that his lover wasn't actually trying to blow him up. I didn't know that then, but I didn't care. It was a catchy tune, and if some poor guy's lover had to drop a bomb on him so that I could show off some not so well planned out moves on the carpet, it was really none of my business. My only job was to break it on down.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? Unless of course you have the flu, in which case, please try to not breath on me :)

Monday, November 5, 2012


Random thought. Once when I was very little, not even old enough to go to school. We were sitting in front of a hotel in a car (which I was later told, was a cadillac) and my mom and her friends kept talking about how this old car was gonna blow up anytime now. I do remember having the thought that we were gonna explode anytime inside that car, and if everyone else was okay with it, I figured it was no big deal, but it sounded like a huge deal to me! Just sayin' Barrelassers :)


Happy birthday to Bryan Adams. He's 53. I could listen to him all day long, wait a second.I was forced to do that once. Let me clear things up, I could listen to ALL of his music all day, but the same song? That's taking it a bit too far. When I was a teenager, me and my barrelassin' friend went to the beach with her family. One night, we found a little pool hall. As we walked in, the hottest new...
song was blaring from the jukebox, 'Everything I Do' by Bryan Adams. Very popular song, and by "popular" I mean drive a stick in your ear, and make it go away now! Don't get me wrong, we loved the song too, until an hour later when it was still playing, over and over and over. We even put money in the jukebox and paid for something else, but it never happened. Either someone madly in love had already paid for it to play until they died, or it was secretly the only song on there. I think it drove us to drinking. Too bad we put our money in that jukebox, it would've been handy when we were counting change to get some beach kid's older brother to buy us beer. It cost us just over $2.00 for a six pack of Olympia beer. I'm no hater, but I don't know what the hell Olympia beer is. Never laid eyes on that stuff again, until I looked it up to see if it still exists. It does! I imagine that stuff will survive the Apocalypse.
Enjoy Barrelassers :)




Photo: I'm totally dressing like this tomorrow :)


Little Pink Houses for me and John Cougar Mellencamp, now, John Mellencamp. This song always makes me think of the times that me and barrelassin' cousins would run through this garden throwing vegetables at eachother. And dirt clogs! How terrible for the owners of this garden. Even their own children would run through the other end and have vegetable wars with us. All the way up until we made it t...
o their backyard to meet up with them. My specific memory of their house was a scary 24 hours for me as a kid. One day while standing around in my barefeet, watching their father spray for insects all the way around the outside of his house, I was asking all sorts of questions, God only knows what I wanted to know about bug spray, but anyway, I recall him telling me "this stuff is poison. It will kill you" and explaining how we should never mess with it. Of course a moment later I felt some of the spray hit my foot. To this day I have no idea why I didn't scream and beg to be taken to a hospital for treatment, but instead I freaked out inside and ran home to die on my own. I wasn't about to die without even trying though.I went straight to the bathroom and began scrubbing my foot with soap and water as hard as I could. Again, I didn't ask one person at my house to help save my life. I would leave the bathroom for short periods of time only to return over and over again to scrub my foot some more. When I went to bed that night, I could hardly sleep because I was sure this was it. I just knew once I went to sleep, the poison would finally set in and kill me. I was certain I wasn't waking up. Needless to say, I was so happy when I woke up day and eventually I must have decided I escaped death and stopped worrying about my poisoned foot. To think now that all that worrying could've been avoided if I'd only told the man at that little pink house he had just poisoned me to death.
Enjoy Barrelassers :)


So we finally did it. I couldn't take it any longer. We broke out the never before opened Bon Jovi New Jersey album from 1989, and with some PBR and Lime-a Rita, we played it many times! Been jamming to it all night. It's still great. Just as my Barrelassin' kid told me "this doesn't even make sense" that we could put a needle on this piece of vinyl and make it play music, it dawned on me how my ...
kids would never have to remove the fuzz from a needle, like I just had to do, to make a record not skip. At most, they will wipe spit on a cd to clean it or charge their Ipods to hear the music. God forbid they ever have to hit the "record" button on a tape player or stereo to record a song from the radio station, and on top of that, time it just perfect so the Deejay isn't talking through the beginning of the song! Ahhhh, good times!
Enjoy Barrelassers:)

Friday, November 2, 2012


Up all night, sleep all day! This was a great song by Slaughter. It was basically our theme music as teenagers. It mostly reminds me of the time me and my barrelassin' cousin partied with our barrelassin' friend all night and had to work early the next morning. We got home just in time to change clothes and rush to work. We ran into the room, clothes flying in every direction. Dabbing makeup and brushing hair.

 I quickly realize I don't have clean work pants, so I grab the ones from the day before and put them on and off we went. That must have been the longest work day ever. So at the end of our shift, we're riding home with my barrelassin' mother, who worked with us as well. At the same time we were giving another co-worker a ride home. He was sitting in the front seat while me and my cousin sat in the back.

 She and I kept trying not to laugh at something, I have no idea what, but mom stopped at the gas station, and as I sat in the car looking at my feet, I had to focus really hard to figure out what I was looking at. I lean closer only to realize that my underwear from the day before were still in the leg of my work pants and hanging out the bottom resting on my shoe. I got my cousin's attention and showed her and from that moment, we could not control our laughter.

 Mom thought we were idiots, but we told her after he got out of the car. She thought it was funny. Later at a party with that same passenger he said he thought we were stoned and had the giggles. We let him continue thinking that. So next time you party all night before work, check your pants. There's no way to know if my drawers had been on my shoe all day at work, but it was funny as hell so I gladly accept it.
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I remember one Halloween as a kid, pre- teen, me and my Barrelassin' cousin dressed up like hookers and went to a Halloween party at a church we had never been to before, or since I should add. I had been forbidden to wear my mothers 5 thousand bangle bracelets, but of course we did anyway, she came home from work before we returned, and of course she was angry.

 I got yelled at, I felt guilty, so ...I tried to suck up by polishing the floors with Pledge, and that didn't help anyone! More trouble. I'm not really sure what the moral of this story is. Don't borrow things that don't belong to you when you're specifically told not to?Never ever polish the floors with furniture polish?

 Ironically out of all the Dennis the Menace things we did that day, I don't recall anyone ever saying " don't dress like an 11 year old hooker and crash a random church Halloween party." Doesn't mean it didn't happen, I'm just saying that's not the lesson I learned.
Hope you enjoyed your Halloween Barrelassers :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I love the idea in all 80's sitcoms and movies that you know you're in a bad neighborhood or situation when you encounter one or more guys with bandanas on their heads, sleeveless bluejean vests, and at least one with a boombox (otherwise known as a ghetto blaster) perched on his shoulder.


Every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man, but what about a not so sharp dressed twelve year old? I remember watching ZZ Top's video for 'She's Got Legs' and loving it! I wasn't even a teenager yet, but I so wanted to put on a dress and wear ruffled socks with high heels. I got my chance, too.

 In 1986, at my first Van Halen concert, I was twelve. And it was a pretty dumb move. Someone should've stopped me. I wore this form fitting purple dress, it was indeed made for a twelve year old, so it suited me. That is, until, I put on a pair of gray ankle socks with two little pink stripes, and then on top of that I put on a pair of ridiculous blue heels that were given to me  to play in. All of this was complemented by the fat white belt that came with the dress. I'm pretty sure it was too much, even for the eighties. In fact, I think the eighties had a meeting, and almost kicked me out.

 I remember standing in line for the show with all the other normally dressed eighties people and thinking "what have I done?" Apparently a concert shirt and a pair of ripped jeans would've been just fine for the occasion. But noooo, I had to bring ZZ TOP to the party. I also remember a sweaty guy in line with a cut off shirt and chunks of deodorant on it, but hey, I was certainly in no position to judge. At the end of the day, my bright white Casper, toothpick "LEGS" had a good time, so I guess I'd do it all over again.

Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Monday, October 29, 2012


Every KISS song I've ever heard is swirling in my head right now! It's a real mess up there. I may poo my pants in honor of the fact that Gene Simmons' wife, Shannon Tweed, responded to one of my tweets. Nothing big, just talkin' bout the weather, literally lol. I have sooo many KISS memories that I can't begin to talk about them all, so I'm gonna make one up. Here's how I picture it...her and Gene are...
chillin' on the bed after a long day, (like on their show) she's checking her tweets, Gene's in his one piece pajamas, she's tweeting back and forth with her followers, and then somehow they have a big discussion about my tweet, and say "Barrelassin'" a bunch of times. The End and I live happily ever after :) Oh wait, and then pretend this morning Gene woke up and wanted to buy my name and logo for millions and I said "yes" and I got rich as hell, and took all my friends out for cocktails :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012


You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille. Four hungry children and a crop in the field. Not only did I stand on top of the Sesame Street swingset (on the slide) and put this concert on, for what seemed like thousands of kids (3 when it was a sold out show) many, many times, but I also never got the words right. Forever I stood there belting out, "400 children, in a crop, in a field."
I seriously thought that was a lot of damn kids in a field.
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Everybody's got a hungry heart, everybody's got a hu-hu- hungrrrry heart. Fantastic song! That one started rolling around the minute I had the thought "I'm hungry." That's the way this works. Now if I only had a Breakfast Club. See how quick it can change? Gotta barrelass to the fridge Barrelassers! Till then, don't don't don't you....forget about me.
Enjoy :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I would do anything for love, but I won't do that. But I will have a meatloaf for dinner now since I have that song stuck in my head. Thanks Meatloaf, that idea came to me like A Bat Out Of Hell.


So we keep seeing these commercials with Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) showing up at some unsuspecting couple's home to inform them that they've just won a weekend with Dee Snider. This is fake of course, it's really an endorsement for a carpet cleaning product. So I guess this got Papa Jay thinking (I suspect fantasizing is more kike it), but anyway, barrelassin' down the road the other day, out of nowhere he says "I wonder what a real weekend with Dee Snider would actually be like...." I answered with something like "probably sit around with his family, have some coffee." Papa Jay says "yeah, probably" but I could see the wheels turning and I believe, in his mind, it was something more like the two of them with electric guitars strapped around their necks, jumping all over the furniture, punching holes in walls, and tearing stuff up all the while singing and screaming "We're not gonna take it, NO, we ain't gonna take it, we're not gonna take it, anymooooore!"  And we can't forget the occasional fist clench in front of their faces lol. I have to say, seems a lot more fun than cleaning carpets. Anyway, let that record skip in your this fine morning.
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So I finally saw Rock of Ages. Yep, that's pretty much the musical that's in my head all the time. I loved it. Anyone else notice Sebastian Bach and Debbie (now known as Deborah) Gibson outside the club in the crowd? Lots of cameos!


1983...Stevie Nicks was singing "Stand Back, Stand Back" and me and my cousin changed the words to "Tampax Tampax." Considering we were barely even ten years old, that wasn't bad. We must've been so smart :) We laughed and laughed. We were so cool. Then I'm sure we totally played with our Barbies and Hotwheels.


I just heard another commercial about unwanted embarrassing hair. Ya know, there was a time when nobody did anything about this and everyone was okay with it. (Magnum P.I.) Everyone turned out just fine as far as I can tell. You didn't see Paul Stanley (KISS) trimming his chest. Just sayin' Barrelassers :)


Sunday, October 21, 2012


Well, it's not lunch time, it's dinner time, but either way I'm back. I learned something new today on
my earlier recorded Anderson Cooper. One new word entered into the dictionary this year was ear worm. The meaning is a song or melody that repeats itself in someone's head. So apparently the radio station in my head is just an ear worm. So, the ear worm now is, It's a Miracle, by Boy George.
A small miracle happened today and I've been singing it since then. Can't go into it now,
hittin' up Walmart.But do sing along
Barrelassers :)


"Love is alive and at our breakfast table everyday of the week. Love is alive and it grows everyday and night even in our sleep. Love is alive and it's made a happy woman outta me, oh love is alive...and here by me."
I'm totally kidding. All the love in my house is asleep except me. I just had Ramen noodles for breakfast (of all things, can you imagine?) by myself while reading a magazine.
That's a great song by The Judds, who I really like, but the only reason I'm singing that song is because I started out singing that song "Love don't live here...anynore" by another lady who's name is on the tip of my tongue, but I thought...well that's not true. So I had to counteract that song with a happy song about love living here. Crazy, right? I can already tell this is gonna be a hell of a morning for the radio in my head.
Until further notice(hopefully around lunch time) sing some Judds. Any song you like. Go all crazy with it!
Enjoy Barrelassers :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012


 Now then, Barrelassin' through life today I chose to crank up Duran Duran's Greatest. I must say this was against my son's wishes, but I was driving , so I won.
This takes me back to the days when fan clubs were the big thing. However, looking back, I never remember joining a single fan club for a rock or pop band or artist. That seems odd to me. I must have joined a zillion Country bands/artists fan clubs, but only remember ever getting newsletters or anything from Mickey Gilley and The Osmond Brothers. Anyway, back to the point. I recall me and my cousin listening to Duran Duran one day way back when, and coming up with this grand story to tell my younger cousin. We ended up telling her that we had joined the Duran Duran fan club, and they had called us to work for the fan club. Only someone younger than us, which was about eleven would've believed that two twelve year olds were now going to be in charge of the Duran Duran fan club. They were gonna call us with more details when they got to town, which of course would be at a secret time. I wonder what kind of job we would've done? Do they even have a fan club now? Why the big lie to my little cousin? We didn't have computers and Ipods and texting and all that. We had outside and thought we were lucky to have MTV. 

 Well, I still haven't found the energy to bring back Parachute pants, but maybe over the weekend....Shouldn't be too hard to pretend with this song stuck in your head today...Union of the Snake, by Duran Duran. Enjoy Barrelassers


 Ok, so three days to go , and me and my mama will be heading off to see Bret Michaels. When I hear Bret/Poison, this is what I See in my head...Three teenage girls sitting in a bathroom with crimping irons, make-up and cigarettes that we took out of my aunt's purse. We smell the place up with cheap perfume and cigarette smoke. We accidentally burned the corner of the vanity, because we put our smokes there while we crimped and applied another layer of eyeshadow and lipstick (only to take it off and reapply.) We have a tape player in the bathroom with us and we play and sing Poison over and over and over again.  "Screamin' Scratchin, Tearing down the walls." Never got tired of that song. "Talk Dirty to Me" never got old either. At some point, we'd make it out of the bathroom and no matter how the evening ended, we did the same thing all over again the very next day.

 So, The Big Barrelassin' Hats Off today goes to Bret Michaels and the rest of Poison for singing us through many many days and years. Keep it rockin' boys!
 In other Bret news, he tweeted that his daughters and their friend saw Justin Bieber in concert and got to meet Justin. Bret helped raise awareness at PINKTOBER Breast Cancer Benefit. Bret supports many causes and has a pretty loyal following. You can also check out his line of pet items at Petsmart stores for your furry friends. F.Y.I. It has also been reported that he has been named the all time favorite winner of Celebrity Apprentice! Way to go Bret.
 Till next time...roll down the windows and sing Talk Dirty To Me as loud as you can!
   Enjoy Barrelassers

Bret Michaels and Poison. Open up and say AHHH

Bret Michaels and Poison Open up and say AHHH

Ok, so I've been Barrelassin' around the last few days listening to Poison. Getting myself all psyched up for the Bret Michaels show tomorrow night! Me and Barrelassin' Mama will be taking a little road trip. We're really excited. Now I'm in the library with "I won't forget you" playing over and over in my head! Me and Papa Jay bought the new 2 disc poison cd the other day, and the moment that song came on, I was like, " man, doesn't that make your heart just sink? Take you back to a day when someone ripped your heart out or didn't like you back, and you make you just wanna lay down and cry, but in a good way?" lol.
 He had a weird look on his face. He said' it's a good song, I'll give it that' and added that he never thought of anything like that. Truth is, he probably thought how sad it must have been to be me lol. I can't think of one single person I related that song to, but when it came out, even if you weren't sad, you got sad cause that was the point of the song. You were obligated to be sad! So I was thinking, when I was a youngin' and and following the rules for sad songs, Papa Jay, who is four years older than me, was mostly thinking of the guitar licks and whether he liked them or not. Probably thought if he learned how to play that song, he'd have all the girls
 Anyway, gotta Barrelass up to the school and get my baby girl from volleyball practice, so I will leave you with this song stuck in your head guessed it..I won't forget you, by Poison.
 Enjoy Barrelassers


Long day, I didn't even listen to music today, but I didn't have to. I've had a great song swirling around in my head for the last couple of days. Ready? THE WARRIOR! BY SCANDAL! Yeah, I'm serious. "Shootin' at the walls of heartache, bang bang, I am the warrior. Heart to heart you'll win..if you survive, the warrior." Apparently my mind took a little trip back to 1984 with absolutely no warning at all. Barrelassin' around the house one minute, and the next BOOM! There it was. The Warrior. I'm not complaining though. I would much rather feel like a little girl dancing in front of my tv like some kind of badass with my cousins, cause I am of course, a warrior, rather than dancing around now to some of the stuff I am forced to listen to.

 They say when people get Alzheimers they can't remember yesterday, but they think they're living in an earlier period of their lives. (This could be by choice) All I'm asking is, if I get this terrible disease, please please please let me live in the eighties! (After we got cable with MTV of course.)

 Now, good luck getting that song out of your head when you're trying to sleep tonight!
 Enjoy Barrelassers:)


Way awesome for Eddie Van Halen! Guitar World Readers Poll voted Eddie Van Halen "Greatest Guitarist Of All Time." The last time I was able to blog, I know I said we'd cover some Bon Jovi, but I can't let the Greatest Guitarist of all time slip through the blogging cracks without giving him his day.

 If you consider the fact that Van Halen is my all time favorite band in the world, then it's a wonder this isn't strictly a Van Halen blog. I could never take a trip down my memory lane of music with only one Van Halen story or song. I could talk about the most recent Van Halen I had a Van Halen party and cake for my birthday back in January (2012) and all we played was Van Halen music (and drinking games) while I patiently awaited the day the tickets went on sale. Or how me and my cousin drove nearly four hours from home to spend the night and wait for the tickets to go on sale. How I ended up with second row, and nine of us went to Nashville, Tn. in April to see the show (all as my birthday present) including my seventy year old mother!

 I could talk about how when I was a kid in 1987 my mom had a Van Halen cake made for my birthday. It said "Van Halen..Heavy Metal Heroes." And how she took my Van Halen pin from my blue jean jacket (omg, the pins and patches that covered jean jackets in those days, haven't seen anyone sporting that lately) and also placed it on my cake.

 I could talk about how amazing it was when I bought the V.I.P package in 2004 (I think) to see them eight hours from home, and got to go the soundcheck and a party backstage(without the band) got some cool band swag...I could talk about Van Halen all day in fact, so the best thing to do right now is go back to saying how awesome for Eddie Van Halen on his latest poll win and wind this thing up.

 Since my current ringtone is "Jump" by Van Halen, that's the song you should be Barrelassin around with in your head today!
 Enjoy Barrelassers


Take me back Barrelassers! Anytime I think of going back, I automatically start singing, "Take me back, cuz I need to be reminded, what I left behind is so far away......" I could go on and on. That song of course is called Take Me Back by Cinderella. Not the Princess, the rock band.

This takes me back to two places. The time is obviously 1988 and 1989. One place is the school bus. During seventh and eighth grade, I'd get on the bus every morning (well, not every morning, but I tried) the bus driver would hold out his hand and I'd give him the tape of my choosing for the day. He'd always let me hear whatever I wanted. Many, many of those times it was the 'Long Cold Winter' tape by Cinderella. The little kids on the bus never complained. It must be stuck in their heads today lol. (You're welcome Cinderella.) A lot of times it was Bon Jovi's 'New Jersey' tape, but let's not get off track. Maybe we'll do him tomorrow

 So this takes me to another place. My bedroom. Me and my Barrelassin' mama are sitting on my bed. Just chatting I guess. As we're talking, her eyes are scanning my room and they keep stopping on my door. On my door was one of those long door posters that covered the entire door from top to bottom of Cinderella. Finally, she looks at me so seriously and announces "I'm sorry, I can't help but say this, those have got to be the ugliest women I've ever seen." Of course I thought that was hysterical and told her they were men. She still wasn't sure when she left my room I don't think. Anyway, that's gonna have to do it for now. Go find yourself a copy of 'Long Cold Winter' and crank up 'Take Me Back.'
 Enjoy Barrelassers


First of all I'd just like to know....why must we rock n' roll all night, and party everyday? What if we wanted to rock n' roll every day and party all night? Perhaps some people would like to rock n' roll every day and night, or maybe even party all day n' night or even both.

 So we did it. Me and my Barrelassin' mama saw Bret Michaels last night. It wasn't a very big venue so our Gold circle general admission put us right in the front, center stage. There were two opening bands, both local from the area I assume since I'm not from that area. For the life of me I don't know what the names of the bands were. It was pretty loud and I didn't understand them when they said who they were (I will have to research this) but both bands were very good and quite a bit more aggressive rock than Bret Michaels. Bret put on a wonderful show, we were able to get small handshakes as he walked in front of us on the stage, and he gave Barrelassin Mama a pick. I have some very awesome photos that I may share.

 Although I had a wonderful time, my knees hurt, my toes are killing me from my boots I was Barrelassing around in, and the gloomy thought of having to get out of this bed and drive four hours back home is hovering over me like a black cloud. I mean, let's be honest here, I really don't even want to open the curtains and let the light in. That being said, I can't live at the Microtel so I must get a move on, but no one, and I mean no one,  can stop me from driving home in my pajamas
 If you want a tip of the day from me, well you're probably reading the wrong blog, but today I just may have one for you. When you go out at night, drink one less beer.

 It's all fun and games till you have to go Barrelassin' back home the next day.
Now, wander around with this stuck in your head for the rest of the day...Something to Believe In, by of course, Poison. I'm thinking tomorrow we can resume every other song stuck in my head that's not by Bret Michaels lol.
 A big Barrelassin' hats off to Barrelassin' Mama for having a blast with me lastnight!
  Enjoy Barrelassers

Friday, October 19, 2012


Today's mood..Heart's Greatest Hits

I'd really like to travel back in time, but to do so I'd need at least one pair of totally awesome Parachute pants and I'm not feeling up to the challenge of locating any, so....time travel, another day. The husband, Papa Jay, swears that if he could just get one highschool student to wear Parachute pants to school just one time, they'd catch on like wildfire all over again! Ahhh, memories. I'm still pulling for the MC Hammer pants to make a comeback. Just recently got to see MC Hammer perform, and it was AMAZEBALLS! (Thank you Giuliana Rancic for that word, I now speak what I call..Giuliana.)

So...Barrelassin' through life today, I cranked up the Heart CD. Am I the only one who stood in front of the television in 1985, watching Heart's music video for their awesome song.."Never" while kicking one leg over my head while playing my air guitar over and over? I shutter to think of what might happen to me if I tried that today :\

Upcoming memories soon to be and my Barrelassin' Mama are going to see Bret Michaels in 8 more days! More to come on that later
Until further notice, the song I want stuck in your head for the rest of the day is..I Didn't Wanna Need You, by Heart.
Enjoy Barrelassers