Monday, October 5, 2015


I once told Lee Greenwood, the day after he first won Male Vocalist of the year... I might add, and that I did not wish for him to sign the first page of my autograph book because I was saving it for Charlie Pride. Barrelassin' Momma was embarrassed, just as I would imagine I would probably be if I were my own child. Lee took it like a man. He simply turned the page to the second page and admitted that he didn't really blame me.

I was also eleven years old walking around Fan Fair, now known as the CMA Festival, much, much larger than it used to be, with a Michael Jackson "Beat It" hat on my head and the only people who appeared to care were the ones with me because it had nothing to do with Country Music. I think they were embarrassed but that all ended right after they told me I would never get anywhere near Charlie Pride and I showed them that being a child, I had things much easier than they had it. For instance...I walked through the mob of people trying to get to Charlie and not one person said a word. Nor did they say anything to my mother trying to catch me. Charlie not only signed my book, ON THE  FIRST PAGE RESERVED FOR HIM...but he signed a poster for me, posed for a photo, rolled up the signed poster and hit me on top of the head and informed me that he, too, liked Michael Jackson.

If I hadn't humiliated my mother enough during that week, as luck would have it I had signed up for The Osmond Brothers' fan club the year before. And for that entire year I received fan letters from them. Not special fan letters but- the same letters typed out and mailed to everyone else on the list.
So when we just so happened to be in the same place as they were  while being lead into the building and escorted to their booth as we were on out way out, I literally grabbed and swung on one of their arms as they walked to the booth, shouting all the way, "Hey! Don't you know me? I'm Mickey!! You write to me all the time!!He didn't dare let me down...literally. He walked and let me swing and so politely informed me..."I sure know you now, Mickey."

This was the same year that I met Loretta Lynn, Dottie West and the dang Dukes of Hazzard! All of those fine folks from Hee Haw and so many more of the greats. The one person I didn't meet that year...and it broke my little heart because I thought since he had a booth there, I was supposed to be able to meet him, was Johnny Cash. And I had my June Carter Cash impersonation down and ready! I was so upset that he wasn't there to greet me like I thought the book said he would be, and so I bought the most gigantic pair of Johnny Cash socks you ever did see. I even wore them around with my "Beat It" hat. They were white and came up over my knees with a black ink printed autograph. Naturally, I thought he must have signed them before I arrived. (I did later get to meet their son and that was the next best thing.) But I also had an argument that Keith Whitley's name was pronounced like "Whitely" as in the color?? I told that silly lady who clearly knew nothing, that he told me as we spoke and he signed my poster, the one I later thought was silly and threw away, that his name was pronounced like the color. I don't know where I got that, and I have no idea why that poster hang there for so long with his signature and one day I decided to replace it with a million rock n roll posters. Other than I was clearly out of my head because at this current say in time- I would give almost anything to have it back!! It wasn't until I was 14 years old that I fell madly in love with Keith Whitley and hated myself for that. But I also fell in love with Ronnie Milsap again and... I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Don't even get me started on the Bellamy Brothers. Heaven help us all!

Enjoy, Barrelassers :)


For my whole life I've been in love with Kenny Rogers, Well, him and Eddie Van Halen.
Kind of the same, right? Anyhoo- the only reason I'm not a bad-ass guitar
player today, like Eddie Van Halen, is because the guitar teacher wouldn't teach me to play
Lucille, by Kenny Rogers, after two lessons. I quit! Right then and there!!
I went on to sing the song over and over from the slide of
my swing set for anyone wondering. I'm totally famous for it.

Lane Brody- Nashville, TN. Yellow Rose?...I think so.

The Kentucky Heaadhunters could not have found more heads to hunt
than half of our group trying to sit on their lap that day.

This photo would not need words if it were not for the fact that
I stood there with my little Barrelassin' Hannah Banana just to get a glimpse-
when a very nice lady gave Hannah her ticket to get in the actual line to have a photo made.

Jack Ingram <3 <3. I made him sign my photo...
"Love you, Mickey!" Because he probably does anyway...right?

Barrelassin' Momma with Mel Tillis. She just told him who my
father was (whom I had not yet met) and standing from the Jack Ingram booth, I took the picture.
She was pretending to not have said anything haha. 

Filming a promo with Taylor Swift and her band on
the steps of the Ryman .
Super nice of them to throw water to us. It was very hot!!
That man said Taylor asked  them to come out and give us the water :)

My lawd! Hank lll. Me and the hubby are fans of
his. Met him earlier than this and he called
Barrelassin' Momma for us to say hi :)

Barrelassin' Momma had met his daddy, Hank Williams JR. when
he was about 14 yrs old. <3 him!

Conway Twitty's son and daughter with
Barrelassin' Momma and Hannah Banana! Love Conway!

So happy to have this picture of Randy Travis! He is so timeless!

Barrelassin' Noah and the Naked Cowboy.
Nashville is too much fun!!


My Van Halen tattoo went to Nashville, TN. 2012
to see the boys!! 

2ND ROW! Had to go to Nashville and sleep for several hours
the night before these went on sale!

Magic fingers! Eddie Van Halen- 2012


When I asked my brother, who lives in Nashville, about a particular neighborhood and if I would go to jail for taking photos...he informed me that the neighborhood was full of mostly old money and Judges. He continued...not like American idol judges...but judges that will have you arrested and taken to jail for stalking and taking photos of their homes. Thankfully the day of stalking was nearly over. Whew! That could have been a close call ;). 
Dottie West- Nashville, TN. 2013 (One of them)
Somebody's gonna give you a lesson...I'm just sayin'.
Patsy Cline-Nashville,TN. March, 2013

Earl Scruggs- Nashville, TN.2013
Foggy Mountain Breakdown!

Martina McBride- Nashville, TN. 2013

Ronnie Milsap- Nashville, TN. 2013

Minnie Pearl- Nashville, TN. 2013

Lynn Anderson- Nashville, TN. 2013 (RIP- Rose Garden :( )

Dolly Parton- Nashville, TN. 2013

Kenny Chesney- Nashville, TN. 2013

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill- Nashville, TN. 2013

Friday, October 2, 2015


SERIOUSLY! We were waiting outside for the gates to open and let us in
when suddenly we could hear Bret Michaels doing his sound-check.
At this point my Momma
showed them what was up!!
She broke out in a dance that not even the younger people
were bothering to do! As Bret sang in the background,
"Your Mama Don't Dance..."
Barrelasin' Momma sang to me:
"Your Momma Does!"
 Long before this moment people were letting me
know that they wanted to take my momma with them everywhere because she
was so awesome. Well, we share but, she has a crew and
        she's a package deal!!

Bret Michaels! No words needed ;)

Loving Pete Evick's Van Halen tattoo!! We are
twins and he doesn't even know it!

Lynyrd Skynyrd 2015! Nice!

We stood in the pouring rain all day just to get in the show
and then again during the entire show. It was fantastic! We enjoyed it!
If your 73 year old mother is barrelassin' and will hang with you
and dance through all of this...
then you are one of the luckiest
girls in the world! God bless you!

Enjoy, Barrelassers ;)

Friday, September 25, 2015


Don't ever let anyone tell you you're too old to rock n' roll. It's simply not true and the proof is in the pudding. No wait, the proof is in the pictures, not in the pudding- that would just be weird. I haven't had time to post anything lately because I've been so busy barrelassin' around with my barrelassin' momma.

Let me just tell you- if you've never traveled around with your seventy-three year old mother from one random place to another, you're missing out big time. I encourage you to get on that immediately. There is practically nothing my barrelassin' mother will say no to. She is responsible for some of the best fun I've ever had!!

Jay Leno! With my sister, Barrelassin' Courtney, my barrelassin' brother in law and hubby,
Barrelassin' Jay, and of course, me and Barrelassin' Momma!
Harrah's, Cherokee, NC. May 2015

Garth Brooks! Knoxville, TN.- May 2015

The Rolling Stones with our friend, Barrelassin' Sissy!- Nashville, TN. June 2015

Rod Stewart in Vegas! July 2015

Vegas! The Show! with the hubby, Barrelassin' Jay, too!- July 2015

Cirque du Soleil- Michael Jackson ONE July 2015

Motley Crue in Miami with Barrelassin' Momma and my
BFF, Barrelassin' Amy! September 2015

Another from Motley Crue in Miami! September 2015

Van Halen in Charlotte, NC. September 2015

We have had some great times at these shows- before, during, and after them actually! No immediate signs of slowing down either. When your barrelassin' momma calls you and tells you to make sure she gets Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bret Michaels make sure she has Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bret Michaels tickets. NEXT!

Enjoy, Barrelassers ;)



Saturday, February 14, 2015


LMBO! I have seen more uproar over this book and movie. It is 100 % hilarious to me that people take things so seriously. I've yet to see my male friends promote this book or movie as anything interesting. It's the women I know who are loving it. I haven't read the books and I will not get to see the movie tonight with my girlfriends and my daughter and their daughters- because I'm out of town. No movie or book has ever made me try to be something I'm not, that I didn't already have interest in being. And I am raising my daughter to be herself as well. I personally know plenty of women who apparently enjoy what this book is promoting. Not because they are victims of someone forcing them to do so, because it's what they desire. It doesn't make them bad people. It's strictly their preference. And most will tell me that it isn't every day routine in their sex lives, but occasional, and fantasy. Get a grip, people. I'm watching Bad Boys right now, and so far I have no desire to be a hooker, a cop, go on any high speed car chases, shoot at anyone, or become a drug lord. And guess what? I'm still enjoying the movie.
Anyone claiming this movie is promoting the wrong message, is obviously susceptible to being a victim. Grown- ass women aren't so stupid that this movie is going to hurt them. If they watch it and want to go home and get handcuffed to their bed, so be it. What this movie is promoting is clearly what some audience wants to see. Our daughters aren't stupid, either. I raised my daughter to know how to handle herself in her own individual situations. And the character in this movie isn't the first college student to have a relationship with an older billionaire.In the movie and in reality!! That includes male and female. What these people are actually saying for women is quite opposite from what they think they're saying. They're certainly not giving women, young or old, any credit for making their own decisions. As if we're a bunch of mindless bodies roaming around following whatever the movies and books tell us to. If that's you- you need to talk to someone about it. Otherwise, the rest of us strong, independent thinking, decision making, capable, sex having women, will see whatever movie and read whatever book we choose. And thanks to all the negative hype, the movie will now probably make $9 from me jsut so I can see if I can leave without becoming a victim.

 Enjoy, Barrelassers wink emoticon