Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Oh man! This has been on my phone for a few days just waiting to be turned into a meme. While I feel the need to be clear about it, I also can't just let this opportunity slip away.
I don't know if he was wiping sweat, sneezing, singing, or what was going on while I was dancing, but he wasn't crying. Even though we were at a Heart concert and he absolutely adores both Anne and Nancy Wilson, and he would have had every right to cry, he was not. However, he is such a great sport and knows how to have a good laugh so...it belongs to the Universe now. You're welcome, world. I have a few different ones to share but this one will get you through the night. Again, you're welcome.


You can never make too many memories, especially with your 74 year old mother.

In one week my barrelassin' momma has joined me for two more concerts. One being Maroon 5, because she likes that "Adam guy with those tattoos up and down him", her exact words; and the other being the Heart, Joan Jett, Cheap Trick concert, for which we had to take a little road trip for.

She loves live music and she loves traveling so there's no doubt  I get it from her. She's great company and we enjoy every second of our rock n roll road trips together.

If you and your 74 year old mother have never embarked on a rock n roll road trip together, I suggest you get right on that! You, my friend, are missing out.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Have you ever seen a more beautiful library??



The Joseph Smith Memorial Building was once a hotel where many Presidents have stayed in the past. It is absolutely beautiful! If you've ever seen any of the three Work and the Glory movies, which almost all of my family filmed in as extras for all three movies, this area is where all of the characters eventually ended up.One of the views from the 10th floor is where Brigham Young stopped and decided this was the place to be. As the story was told to us by one of the many volunteers who give free tours and information, there was one tree here when he settled.

I also learned that the Steed family from the movie was not a real family; I did not know that previously.

The Mormons have the largest family research database in the world, and it's available to search right here in their Family Research Center, which we took advantage of while there and again, the volunteers were quite helpful in assisting us. 

Enjoy, Barrelassers ;) 

Thursday, September 15, 2016


If you love Rock n Roll then you've heard of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA.!
Well, I, too, love Rock N Roll and I've most definitely heard of it and many things about it.
This is why I'm currently working on planning my 43rd birthday around the iconic, Sunset Boulevard come January, 2017.

I don't want to get ahead of myself here but, I'm hoping that you'll see many future posts from me about the fascinating area as I plan to try and travel from Tennessee to California and spend at least a few days celebrating in such places as The Rainbow Bar and Grill, better known as the Rainbow Room, I believe; as well as the Whisky a Go Go, The Roxy, and more!

My ideal stay would be somewhere not too far away such as, the equally iconic Beverly Hilton, famous for many, many gatherings and stories right out of a Hollywood movie scene.

Let the planning begin!
Wish me luck, Barrelassers! 


Barrelassin' Momma ❤ Maroon 5


Monday, September 12, 2016

SAN DIEGO ZOO- Barrelassin' With Momma

Yesterday, we found ourselves barrelassin' around the San Diego Zoo, in San Diego, California. My oh my, what a beautiful and massive zoo!
We spent about nine hours at the zoo and I guarantee you we could have spent more time if we could have located more energy within ourselves. Thankfully they have the super convenient Kangaroo hop on hop off bus, and the Skyfari to help get you around.
Here's just a sneak peak at some of what we saw!
Enjoy, Barrelassers 😉

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Barrelassin' Momma's Vintage Clothes 😮

And just like that, I turned two times I  a phone booth and I can now be a country star from the early 70s 😂.

I squeezed my booty into Barrelassin' Momma's swanky outfit that she bought in Nashville, at a store called Alamo. Apparently they made clothes for country singers? That's the word on the street. I can totally pull this off!